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Calm before the storm

This past week my studio has felt like a tornado blew through. My hands (and sometimes feet) are covered in paint 24/7. I have been working non stop painting, building frames, and on this brand new website! Getting this site up and running has been a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I am artsy NOT techy! I had some help from an IT wizard, and I could not be more thankful that my mom and him came to help.

I have an art show this Thursday at Renasant bank in Nashville, and I am so excited! I am loving my new work (and secretly the mess it leaves behind.) I love the chaos of a working studio. The paint bottles, brushes, and canvas spread across the floor. My studio assistant (my cat) knocking my water over. The smell of my peach prosecco candle, and my hands covered in all different shades of blue, red, pink, and green.

I cant help to think this past week was the calm before the storm of what is about to happen this week. I have one painting I need to put final touches on, finish attaching frames to 3 of my pieces, put hanging brackets on all of the pieces, and then install on Wednesday night for the show on Thursday.

Let the storm begin!!!

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